Food Manager Certification California

About Our California Food Manager Training Program

To work as a California food manager, you may need to hold an active California food manager certification card. Given the many rules that are in place to keep restaurant patrons safe, it’s important that managers are current on the regulations and know how to operate a kitchen properly. Working with Responsible Training is a great way to obtain both the education and certification you need to continue your career.

Food Manager Certification Is an Important Step

For anyone serious about a career in the food industry, taking time to become a certified food manager is a good step toward establishing authority and competence in this field. There are few things as important as making sure all customers are kept safe when consuming food that they are served by your establishment. Following the right protocols and procedures that are outlined by the state of California (CA) will help everyone who visits your restaurant have a good experience.

This certification process is important from a legal perspective, but it also can make a big difference in the value that you present to your present employer, as well as any future employers. You'll learn a lot by going through this online training course and by taking the online exam. What you learn can be practiced in the real world for years to come. Think about this as an educational opportunity that will make you a better manager.

Food Protection Manager Training & Exam (with Virtual Proctoring)

Purchasing this package will give you access to both the Food Manager Training course as well as the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Virtual proctoring is included, which requires the advance scheduling of a date and time for the exam. If you need to take the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam, purchase this package and Responsible Training will be happy to serve you. Our proctoring service is included in the purchase price. You can take the test as many as two times with a single purchase of the exam.

About Our California Food Manager Training Program

Each lesson contains detailed information on the topic and fun exercises. The lessons have an optional voice over that will read the lesson out loud. After reviewing lesson materials, a 10 question quiz at the end will test what you have learned. The CA Food Manager Certificate Program is designed to be completed at your own pace. Most people finish this course in 8 hours. However, you must complete each lesson before advancing to the next. Each lesson can be reviewed in 15 minutes or less and lesson quizzes should take about 5 minutes each. The exam itself is taken in a virtually-proctored setting. You must schedule your exam time and date before the exam can be taken.


At Responsible Training, we make food manager certification in California pretty simple. However, you might still have some questions about the process, so we have taken the time to answer common inquiries below.

Do I Have to Take the Food Protection Manager Exam?

That depends on your role within the business you work for or own. While the law does require that each facility has one certified person included in the staff, that person may or may not be you. Work together with the rest of the team to determine how this requirement is going to be satisfied. Also, you might want to preemptively take this step so you can become certified and you’ll be more valuable to potential employers as a result.

Does the training cover everything I’ll need to know for the exam?

Yes – once you have gone through the training course, you will feel fully prepared to take – and hopefully – pass the exam, which has a remote proctor. When you take the exam with us, you will have two opportunities to pass with your initial purchase, so you don’t have to feel too much pressure to get it right the first time. However, if you’ve done a good job of going through the training course materials, the exam should be no trouble at all.

Do I have to have a job as a food manager to take the course and exam?

Not at all – in fact, this is an excellent way to build up your resume as you look for work in the industry. If you don’t yet have a food manager job but would like to find a role in this capacity in the near future, taking the step to get your certification could help put you ahead of the competition slightly.

Are Responsible Training courses kept up-to-date?

Yes – it is important that we keep our courses current to offer our customers the best possible food managers products to prepare for the exam that they will take. We have been in this business for nearly twenty years, and we have been ANSI accredited for more than a decade. Our team takes great pride in offering accurate, current information that will allow students to pass their exam as quickly as possible.


We've been perfecting training programs for over 25 years to eliminate time-wasting obstacles and unnecessary distractions. We are trusted by both state regulators and restaurant operators nationally, who value us as a knowledge resource, and we are quick to adapt so you can keep up with the latest regulations. We streamline our online course design and presentation so that they are easy to finish.

Responsible Training makes learning easy and getting a certificate fast so that you and your staff can get to work.