Getting Started

What prior education do I need for this program?

There are no prerequisites to sign up for this program. You will need basic Internet skills such as locating and logging into websites, then reading and following the instructions found there.

What if I am not happy with your course or for any reason want to cancel before the course or courses is/are completed?

Responsible Training’s first consideration is customer satisfaction. If for any reason you request a refund before a certificate is issued, we will be happy to refund you the full amount of the transaction.

What is the cost of the course and what methods of payment are accepted?

The cost of each course is located in the course catalog. You may pay using all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Is it secure to send my credit card information over the Internet?

Yes. Responsible Training uses a secure server to process all payments due to the sensitive nature of online transactions.

Do I need to have sound on my computer to take these classes?

While sound is another feature of our courses, it is not necessary for a customer to have sound in order to learn the course material or complete the course. All information played in audio is also displayed in text by the course player.

Can I take the course from various locations and computers?

Our courses are set up for students to access their account from any computer that is compatible.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course times vary based on the course type and location. However, as a general rule, most courses can be completed in less than 90 minutes.

How do I get a username or password? What do I use it for? What should I do if I forget it?

The username and password is something selected by the student. If you forget your username and/or password, please call us and we will help. You also can use the “forgot password” feature.

Is there testing?

Yes, there are quizzes at the end of each chapter of training material and a final test at the end of the course. The quizzes are not graded, but the test is.

Who will see my personal data?

Your information will only be used by Responsible Training for training records and certificate management purposes. You can give others the information they need to verify your certificate status.

How soon will I get my certificate?

You may download your certificate as soon as you pass the final exam... and any time after that you need a copy.

The course sounds great, but how do I buy it?

You can purchase the course from our course catalogue or the homepage of our website. Simply add the course to the shopping cart, fill out your account details, then provide payment for your course.

I've purchased the course but don't know how to begin! Help!

You start the course by clicking “My Courses” on www.responsibletraining.com, then enter your login credentials.

Current Students

I need a copy of my certificate. How do I get this?

You can download and print your Certificate here. Or you can log in as a returning student and print or check your email.

I cannot log into my course. I paid, and now it is telling that I have not. What should I do?

This is almost always an issue with your username and password being incorrect. Please call us to reset your login credentials.

What happens if I get disconnected from the Internet or need to come back later and take my course?

If you get disconnected from the Internet, you will need to log back into your account on our home page and enter your username/password as a returning student. In this case, you will return to the beginning of the lesson you were working on.

What happens if I have technical difficulties or the system malfunctions during the course?

Please call us at 512-996-0909. We will be happy to assist you.

Do I need to register my certificate with my local health department?

Please review the guidelines when signing up for the course as you will find detailed instructions on how and where to register. We work with many jurisdictions that allow us to collect and register for you. Many areas such as California and Florida have no registration requirements.

How long is the certificate good for?

The health board or other regulatory organization determines how long your certificate will be valid, usually two years but in some places it may be one or three. It will be printed on your certificate and may be checked by using our online verification program.

What is the schedule?

You may access the website at any time and complete the course on your schedule. The average student takes about an hour to complete the class and test. If you exit the course and log out, you can log back in at any time to complete the course.

What if I fail the test?

You may retake both the training course and the test, or skip the course and retake the test as many times as you need.

I got my certificate! How can I refer to myself now?

You may call yourself as being a "Responsible Training Food Handler Certificate Recipient" and refer to your "Responsible Training Food Handler Certificate" on your resume.

You may not portray yourself or imply that you are "certified," "certificated," "licensed," "registered" or "accredited"; these terms indicate a different type of program than ours.

Why don't you show which test questions I missed so I can study the material?

We understand that this is a helpful way to study, but for test security reasons, we are not able to disclose the answers.

How can I review course material after I receive my certificate?

You can review all course material for as long as your certificate is valid. Log back into your account and access the course to begin your review.

Why doesn't your course let me take online notes?

You are not allowed to use notes on the final exam; you need to remember the information so you know what to do when you are on the job.

My phone didn't show some of the exercises correctly. When I got to the last option it would not let me drag to the column that dropped. What should I do?

Holding the phone horizontally will let you see the columns.

Why can't I take the test again? Do I have to pay for the course again?

You can take the test as many times as you need to. The course will lock after the predetermined number of attempts; call customer support at (512) 996-0909 to have it unlocked.

I noticed an error on my certificate. How can I get it corrected?

Call customer support at (512) 996-0909.

Corporate Accounts

I am a manager who would like a way to offer group training to my employees. How do I do this?

In most areas our DVD is valid for group training. The DVD allows you to certify a food handler group easily at $12.00 per person plus health department fees. You can bulk purchase online courses and issue them to your employees as well. We can also issue you a code that will tie all certificates to your account.