Alcohol Server Training

About Our Alcohol Seller Server Certification Program

In many states, anyone who sells, serves, dispenses or delivers alcoholic beverages under the authority of a license or permit, including persons who immediately manage, direct, supervise or control the sale or service of alcoholic beverages, is required to undergo alcohol Seller Server Training. Whether you manage a bar, restaurant or are new to the industry,an Alcohol Seller Server certificate from Responsible Training will teach you the best practices to serve alcohol responsibly and give you the knowledge to protect yourself from fines and lawsuits.


Depending on your state, the entire course can be taken in a matter of hours.


Responsible Training is a state-recognized program certificate issuer.


Course certifications get automatically uploaded to our database for easy access.

The Details of Our Alcohol Server Training Program

When you choose to undergo online server training with Responsible Training, you’ll be receiving up-to-date information that will properly prepare you for working in the real world. Our server training program is customized for the state in which you work, and our materials are kept current based on any changes in regulations that may occur. The materials we offer are a quick and easy way to qualify yourself to work in this industry, and you’ll feel more confident on the job with this valuable information in mind. For your convenience, our certified server training is conducted entirely online. That means you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to visit a physical location in your area – you can work through the materials on your computer, as you have time. Alcohol training is not necessarily complicated, but it is important that you understand the basics and why they are important to keep your customers safe and you and your employer out of trouble. With an online model, you can study in a quiet, comfortable area where you can digest the materials at your own pace. Once you have completed the work to earn your course certification, that certificate will automatically be available to you online. If you need to show this certification to a current or potential employer, for example, it will be easy to do so by accessing it on our site. In fact, going through this kind of service training program in advance is a great way to separate yourself from other individuals trying for the same position at a local bar or restaurant. Take the initiative to pass certified server training and get one step closer to securing the job you desire.


Responsible Training Alcohol Serving Program FAQs

If you have questions about the Responsible Training Alcohol Serving Program, you may find the relevant answer below.

Q: How long do I have to complete the training?

A: One of the best things about our online server training programs is that they are completed at your own pace. Whether you’d like to do all the work in a short time or spread it out amongst your busy schedule is up to you. The only limitation is that for many of our courses, you will need to work through the material within six months of registration.

Q: Can I work through the training on my phone?

A: It is recommended to go through the alcohol training program on a laptop or desktop computer, rather than a smartphone. With a larger screen available on a computer, it will be easier to view the information and study it properly.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to take these courses?

A: No! You do not need any specific qualifications to go through our online server training. These courses are designed for a general audience and have a very low barrier to entry. As long as you possess basic reading and computer skills, you should be able to benefit from these courses.