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From keeping up with ever-evolving health and safety standards to ensuring top-notch customer service, the challenges you face when trying to build relevant training programs to get their food and beverage compliance certifications are no joke. Whether you attempted building it yourself worked with unhelpful vendors, or grappled with pre-fabricated training platforms you probably found that they were more headache than help.

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Picture this: a comprehensive range of compliance-focused certifications specifically designed for the food, bar, and hospitality sectors. Our service-oriented staff is at the ready to ensure that every exchange is a good one, and you’ll be able to easily manage your trainees on one simple platform. For some training companies, you might be just another customer, to us, you’re our number one priority.

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We don’t think we’re being too forward when we say that we’re the solution you've been searching for—a friendly, reliable restaurant, bar and hospitality partner focused on simplifying your training and ensuring your staff are in compliance and ready to deliver service excellence.

Responsible training customers

From boutique shops to massive corporations, we work with businesses just like yours to provide a streamlined, all-in-one platform to manage your employee's certification

responsible training features for food and beverage

Not only is the Responsible Training content carefully crafted to be understandable and easy to consume, but our administrative tool allows training managers to easily manage certification with our all-in-one staff certification management.

lms integration

Accredited training courses built to integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS)

brand recognition

Programs uniquely designed to match your branding for a unified learning experience

custom website

Get a custom-branded website staff access to ensure easy identification

simple reporting

Gain insight into permit expirations & stay up-to-date on completion records

easily scalable

Custom system to suit single establishment or a large organization

bulk purchasing

Bulk purchase permits for your whole staff to get started fast & save money


Gain access to courses in Spanish, Mandarin, English and more

quick management

Manage staff courses, organize and print successful certificates

Getting people certified is easer than ever

Designed to be easily understandable by trainees at an eighth grade level and in multiple languages, we use real-world, relevant examples to create effective training experiences. Our courses are meticulously designed to get people working faster than ever with our superior pass rates and outstanding customer support.

"Communication with Responsible Training is a breeze. I can request additional classes or address any concerns with a simple email, and they always accommodate our needs promptly. Their willingness to customize services makes our job easier."

Clay phillips
director of training | Freddy's custard & steakburgers

Common Training Bundles

restaurant manager + staff bundle

• Food Handler
• Food Manager
• Alcohol Handling
• Food Safety

saftey + Allergen

• Food Handler
• Food Manager
• Alcohol Handling
• Food Safety

Bar Bundle

• Food Handler
• Food Manager
• Alcohol Handling
• Food Safety

build your own custom training solution

Our group training solutions give you and your staff an all-in-one certification platform so that you can track permit expirations, purchase courses in bulk, or offer training in multiple languages. Schedule a call with us today.

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