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An alcohol training course helps new and current alcohol servers learn the best practices to keep customers and staff safe while serving alcoholic beverages. While not a requirement in most states, many employers will expect you to have some sort of alcohol seller-server training before you are allowed to work.

This Responsible Alcohol Seller-Server (RASS) Course is modeled after several state codes. It is periodically updated to stay current with modern common practices and to improve quality.

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"The team at Responsible Training has been professional and helpful every step of the way. Getting all of the Managers at our 19 restaurants food safety certified has been a breeze. All of us at Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in Houston look forward to working with Responsible Training in the future."

Clay Phillips
Director of Training
Freddy's Frozen Custard

"We've seen a significant positive response from our customers who find Responsible Training's courses enjoyable and user-friendly."

Anthony Spanel
City of Amarillo
Dept. of Environmental Health

"Responsible Training made learning about food safety engaging and practical. Understanding how to control germs and cook safely has been invaluable."

Rick Gauna
Food Safety Educators

"I loved how their exams used everyday language. It made the learning process much more straightforward and less intimidating."

Clay Phillips
Director of Training
Freddy's Frozen Custard

course overview

This course consists of 4 lessons and a final exam. The lessons are:

Lesson 1

Seller-Server Training

Lesson 2

Minors and Alcohol

Lesson 3

Intoxicated People and Alcohol Sales

Lesson 4

Alcohol-to-Go, Delivery, & Other Programs

Responsible Beverage Seller-Server Details

online certification

If you are trying to fit this training into your busy schedule, we have good news – you won’t need to commit hours and hours of study time to this process.

Work at your own pace and go through each of the four lessons plus the final review and exam as you are ready and have time available. You should be able to complete the four lessons and take the final exam within a two hour session. You have up to six months from the date of registration to complete this program.

By setting some time aside to focus on the task, this can complete this course in a day and you will have earned your Responsible Training Responsible Beverage Seller-Server (RBSS) Certificate.

Responsible Seller-Server certification meaning

Anyone who works in a place that serves alcohol (restaurant, bar, food truck, or convenience store) should have training regarding alcohol sales. Many different situations can come up while working in a seller-server role, and you might not have the knowledge needed to deal with those circumstances if you didn’t bother to complete the training process.

Holding the Responsible Training Responsible Sever-Seller Certificate shows that you passed the minimum understanding of the best practices for selling alcoholic beverages in any locale.

When applying for jobs, you may call yourself a "Responsible Training Responsible Beverage Seller-Server(RBS) Certificate Recipient". You can refer to your "Responsible Training Responsible Beverage Seller-Server (RBS) Certificate" on your resume.

Learn more about the Responsible Beverage Seller-Server Course from the Frequently Asked Questions.

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