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The BASSET, or Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training program, will train you to sell and serve alcohol in a legal and safe manner. This program is designed to comply with the Illinois Liquor Control Act and also has been approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC). This training program is designed to train servers and sellers of alcohol in in on-premise (consumption on the site, like bars and restaurants) settings. By taking this training, a person shows they are dedicated to learning how to do the best job in serving alcohol.

Whether you already work in the food and beverage service industry, or you plan to seek employment in this industry in the near future, it’s important to understand this requirement. Taking care of your BASSET training requirement as soon as possible will get this task off your plate and you’ll be able to focus on the other elements of your job duties or job search.

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"The team at Responsible Training has been professional and helpful every step of the way. Getting all of the Managers at our 19 restaurants food safety certified has been a breeze. All of us at Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in Houston look forward to working with Responsible Training in the future."

Clay Phillips
Director of Training
Freddy's Frozen Custard

"We've seen a significant positive response from our customers who find Responsible Training's courses enjoyable and user-friendly."

Anthony Spanel
City of Amarillo
Dept. of Environmental Health

"Responsible Training made learning about food safety engaging and practical. Understanding how to control germs and cook safely has been invaluable."

Rick Gauna
Food Safety Educators

"I loved how their exams used everyday language. It made the learning process much more straightforward and less intimidating."

Clay Phillips
Director of Training
Freddy's Frozen Custard

course overview

This course consists of 5 lessons and a final exam. The lessons are:

Lesson 1

State Statute and DUI Laws

Lesson 2

Identification Techniques

Lesson 3

Physical Properties of Alcohol

Lesson 4

Prevention and Intervention Techniques

Lesson 5

Dram Shop Liability and Victims' Rights

illinois basset Details

online certification

Our BASSET Training Program is an online course aimed at allowing you to obtain your BASSET card to work legally in Illinois as a server of alcoholic drinks. It is periodically updated to stay current with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission rules and to improve quality.

how this course works

Each lesson contains detailed information on the topic and fun exercises. Self-paced lessons take less than 15 minutes and have a voice-over option that reads the lesson aloud. There are short 5 minute quizzes after each lesson.

A final exam is offered once all 5 lessons are completed. To get your BASSET Card, you must achieve a 70%.

what you will learn in this course

The BASSET Training Program teaching objectives are:

  • To train and educate people who want to be sellers or servers to perform responsible alcohol service
  • To teach students how to tell signs of intoxication and to use effective intervention techniques
  • Training students how to prevent DUIs and alcohol-related accidents and fatalities
  • To have students learn how to prevent underage sales and drinking
  • Teach students how to create safer establishments where alcohol is served and safer surrounding neighborhoods
  • Educate owners, managers, and staff members about dram shop insurance, state laws, and local ordinances concerning alcohol service

BASSET certification meaning

Presenting a BASSET card shows you have had training in alcohol safety and regulations and laws. It shows you have the knowledge required to serve alcoholic beverages responsibly. Upon successfully completing the BASSET training, you will be given a temporary copy good for 30 days, during which time you will receive the official BASSET card in the mail. 

Many different situations can come up while working in an alcohol service role, and you might not have the knowledge needed to deal with those circumstances if you didn’t bother to complete the training process.

how to use The basset Certification

Workers in Illinois who serve alcohol in a bar, restaurant, hotel, or another on-premise setting are required to know the laws that govern its sale. Having training that covers the laws and different situations involved in serving alcohol will make you more confident and a more valuable employee. The training will help you respond effectively to many situations that occur in the alcohol serving setting.

Upon completing the course and passing the final exam, you may immediately download your certificate from Responsible Training. This will serve as your temporary BASSET Card until your official BASSET Card is ready within 30 days. 

You can access your BASSET Card at BASSET Card Lookup. From there you can print your BASSET Card. You will need to enter your Last Name (exactly as you submitted for the BASSET Training Course registration), DOB, and your Student ID, which is available on the Responsible Training BASSET certificate.

fastest way to get certified

If you are trying to fit this training into your busy schedule, we have good news – you won’t need to commit hours and hours of study time to this process. You can work at your own pace and go through each of the four lessons plus the final review and exam as you are ready and have time available. Roughly 20 minutes will be required for each lesson and quiz, and there are four of those to complete, followed by a final review and exam process

You have up to six months from the date of registration to complete this program. With some time set aside to focus on the task, this course can be completed in a day and you will be finished with your BASSET certification. 

For how long is the basset card Valid?

The temporary card you receive on completing the course is good for 30 days. The official BASSET card mailed to you is good for three years. It is required that you get refresher training every three years. This information is printed on your certificate and can be verified by going to the online verification program listed above. 

How am I registered with illinois Liquor Control Commission?

Upon completion of the BASSET training course and passing the final exam, your information is passed to ILCC. You should be able to view your card within seven days after you have completed the course and passed the final exam.

Potential employers or ILCC officials can check the card status online via the BASSET Card Lookup system.

Learn more about the getting started with online courses from Frequently Asked Questions.


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