Wisconsin Food Manager

Learn More About Our Wisconsin Certified Food Manager Training

In the interest of public health, Wisconsin food managers need to hold a valid certificate that confirms they have been trained on the basics of food safety. From small operators up to large restaurant chains, this requirement is in place to protect customers first and foremost. Register with Responsible Training today to secure your certificate soon and take a step forward in your career.

Prepare for Your Food Managers Certification Exam


For many people working in the restaurant industry in Wisconsin, it’s been a while since they took an exam in school. As a result, the thought of taking the exam needed to get a Wisconsin food manager certification can be a bit intimidating. The key to getting over this hurdle with minimum stress or hassle is working with a proven training course provider like Responsible Training. When you are finished with our course, you’ll find that the nerves have melted away and you feel fully prepared to take on the exam with confidence.

That exam can help you hold a position of added responsibility in your company if you already have a job in the food industry. For example, if you already work in a restaurant but might soon be moved up to a manager role, getting this certification right away will make you eligible for such a move. That’s a great reason to sign up for our course and exam package today, but you are also welcome to sign up even if you don’t yet work in a restaurant. No matter what stage of your career you are at currently, we are here to serve you!


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