Washington Food Manager

Understanding Food Manager Certification in Washington

Food businesses in Washington State are required to have an employee with a food manager certification on duty while serving customers. If that’s a role you need to fill, or would like to fill, in your organization, register with Responsible Training today. Our manager certification course is straightforward and approachable, and it delivers everything you’ll need to nail the exam and secure your certification. We are excited to serve you!

Certified Food Safety Manager Certification Advantages


Your first indication that it might be important to go through the food manager certification process could come in a note from your employer that this is something you will need to do. In that case, you’ll just want to take care of it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t become a problem later on. Sign up with Responsible Training, go through the course, pass the exam, and move on.

Alternatively, you might be looking for ways to stand out from the crowded competition when vying for desirable restaurant jobs. Holding a manager certification might not be a requirement to get hired on, but it may be something that can set you apart and make it more likely that you’ll get the job. Considering the fact that it is something you’ll likely need to do later anyway, why not get ahead of the game and complete this certification now? Food establishments are obligated to take the health of their customers very seriously, and you can show that you align with that thinking by educating yourself on food safety and what the health department will want to see when they inspect a restaurant.


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