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Get Your Texas Food Handlers Permit and More

Responsible Training is the easiest way for you to get your food handler, food manager, TABC or child care training. Our online courses are quick to complete and let you print out your own certificate when you’re done. We are the premier food safety experts in the nation, providing certificates that our students can count on. Learn more about our classes by clicking the links below and get your certificate today!

Texas Food Handler + TABC Training
This bundle includes our ANSI-accredited Food Handler Training and TABC Seller-Server Training courses. After completing these courses you will know the laws that govern the sale of alcohol in the State of Texas, as well as the guidelines for preventing foodborne illness. We also provide our COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service training, free of charge. The bundled price includes the cost of training as well as the associated exams following each course.
Texas Food Handler
As of June 2nd, 2015 Senate Bill 582 allowed ANSI Food Handler Providers to allow a statewide Food Handler Certificate. Responsible Training has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute since 2011 (ANSI ID #1042), which means the class you take represents the best in quality education and training. This online food safety class is for employees who want the best training, in the least amount of time, at the best possible price. We also include our COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service course with this purchase, free of charge. For detailed information about what you will learn, how you will learn it, and the certificate you will earn, click on 'more info', below.
Curso de Manipuladores de Alimentos de Texas (Spanish Food Handler)
El 2 de junio del 2015 el Proyecto de Ley 582 del Senado permitió que los proveedores de clases de manejadores de alimentos certificados por ANSI (American National Standard Institute), ofrecieran clases a nivel estatal para certificación de manejadores de alimentos. En esta clase aprenderá la información básica y necesaria para la seguridad de los alimentos. Tambien se incluye nuestro curso de Conciencia de COVID-19 para el servicio de alimentos. Para más información por favor haga clic en el siguiente enlace.
食品操作员中文课程 (Chinese Food Handler)
自2015年6月2日起,参议院582号法案批准ANSI食品操作员培训机构颁发全州级别食品操作员认证证书。 哈里斯县公共卫生部与培训机构Responsible Training合作,提供全面的ANSI食品操作员培训项目。 课程价格包含了培训费以及哈里斯县食品安全员注册费,所以培训者在培训结束后无需再预约到访或联系卫生部门。 在课程培训中,您将学习食品安全的基础知识以及如何预防食源性疾病的传播。点击下方查看更多的信息。
COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service

**Now included in all of our Food Handler offerings**

This course is designed to educate those who work in the food service industry on how to protect themselves and limit the number of cases. This global pandemic of COVID-19 has reinforced the need for training in prevention techniques and common sense health practices that will protect service industry workers and customers alike.
Conciencia de COVID-19 para el servicio de alimentos

**Este curso está incluido en todos nuestros cursos de Manipulador de Alimentos**

Este curso está diseñado para educar a quienes trabajan en la industria de servicios de alimentos sobre cómo protegerse y limitar el número de casos. Esta pandemia mundial de COVID-19 ha reforzado la necesidad de capacitación en técnicas de prevención y prácticas de salud de sentido común que protegerán a los trabajadores de la industria de servicios y a los clientes por igual.