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Responsible Training Exam Proctor Program


Responsible Training Exam Proctor Program

Responsible Training is proud to announce the Responsible Training Exam Proctor Program!

This is a comprehensive solution for administering the Food Protection Manager Exam. Developed to meet the American National Standards Institute - Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) requirements, our program ensures that participants receive the highest quality training from experts in the field.

What’s New?

Prior to this program, our Food Protection Manager Exam was administered exclusively online, with the aid of a virtual proctor. We continue to offer that model, of course, and it’s a great solution for many customers. It doesn’t work in all situations, however, which is why we have developed this new program.

The Food Protection Manager Exam is designed for in-person, instructor-led food manager certification. With guidance from health department food safety officials and food management professionals, our program equips trainers with the knowledge and resources necessary to deliver exceptional instruction.

To ensure convenience and accessibility, our exam is available online and can be taken using a computer or mobile device. Each exam is proctored by the instructor to maintain the integrity and security of the certification process. Once the exam has been completed and passed, certificates are issued and approved in just a single day. The speed of this program is one of the key benefits – there will be no long delay between the process and receiving the certificate, so students can get what they need to get back on the job immediately.

Who Does This Serve?

Our target audience for the Responsible Training Exam Proctor Program includes both corporate customers and independent food safety training professionals. For corporate clients, we offer seamless integration into existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) or support for alternative models of certificate tracking, simplifying the certification process for organizations of all sizes.

There are a couple of options available to best suit your needs when taking part in this program. We offer proctors the option of a preparatory course along with the Certified Food Protection Manager Exam to create an end-to-end solution for students to receive their certification. However, if proctors already possess suitable course materials, they can opt for the exam-only package. This ensures that proctors have the resources they need to deliver comprehensive training and assessment to their students.

A Simple Process

The proctor approval process involves just a few short steps. It will be necessary to submit an application, complete a course on Responsible Training's proctoring standards and procedures, and sign an agreement where you will agree to uphold our stringent quality standards. This process ensures that all of our proctors are well-equipped and knowledgeable in delivering the Responsible Training Exam Proctor program.

For more information and pricing details, please reach out to Rob Tyndall, the dedicated contact person for the Responsible Exam Proctor program. You can contact Rob via email at or by phone at (512) 872-6076. He will be happy to assist you and address any inquiries you may have.

Leaders In Our Field

At Responsible Training, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of food safety and providing accessible training solutions for both corporate and independent food safety professionals. Join us in elevating the industry and promoting excellence in food protection management. You are welcome to reach out to our team today to learn more – we can’t wait to serve you!