Ohio Person in Charge Training - What you need to know

Ohio Person in Charge Training - What you need to know


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Responsible Training now offers Ohio Person-In-Charge Training!

This is the easiest and fastest way to get top-quality food safety training, and it's offered at the best possible price! With Responsible Training's online portal, you can access the training you need from anywhere. This program helps food service personnel understand the importance of food safety.

Upon completion of Responsible Training's online PIC course, individuals receive a Person-In-Charge certificate. This document shows that the person has completed an approved training course. It demonstrates their knowledge about food service and safety.

Keep reading to learn about what it means to be a Person-In-Charge. Discover what you will learn from this training, and how it benefits your career in the food service industry.

What Is Ohio PIC training? (1)

There are two levels of training included in the Ohio food safety certification program. The first level is the Person-In-Charge Certification in Food Protection. The second level is for managers and is the Manager Certification in Food Protection.

PIC training is state-mandated training for the “person-in-charge." Each food service operation or retail food establishment must have a designated individual in charge for each shift. The state of Ohio requires this training if the operation or establishment is a Risk Level I, II, III, or IV operation. The designated person-in-charge must have completed a training course through a state-approved provider.

This training ensures that food service operations and retail food establishments always have at least one person in the building who has the necessary training and knowledge of food safety.

What Is a Food Handler's Card?

Some states require every individual working in a food service operation or retail establishment to carry a food handler's card. This even includes dishwashers, busboys, and servers. Although the state of Ohio doesn't have any state mandates requiring this, Ohio counties have specific regulations regarding food handler's cards.

For this reason, obtaining the training and accompanying certificate from Responsible Training’s Person-In-Charge program benefits anyone who plans to work in a food service establishment.

Who Is a Person-In-Charge?

A person-in-charge is the individual responsible for the operation of a food service operation or retail food establishment. In other words, when a state inspector arrives to conduct an inspection or review, they want to know who the person-in-charge is. According to the Ohio Administrative Code, a qualified person-in-charge must be present at the location for each shift.

This regulation ensures there is always someone present with the required knowledge and training to direct food service processes safely. This helps protect the public from food-borne illnesses that may result from improper storage techniques, cross-contamination, or improper cleaning and sanitation practices.

What Does the Ohio PIC Training Course Include?

The Ohio Person-In-Charge Training course helps individuals learn all they need to know about food safety practices. The course includes six easy-to-follow lessons about food handling practices. Each course includes a brief quiz to test your knowledge of the section.

To successfully pass the course, individuals must view all lessons and quizzes, and then take a 40-question multiple choice exam. No minimum passing score is required for this exam.

Below is a summary of the course material covered in the training.

  • Learn to identify the different types of contamination: physical, biological, and chemical
  • Learn how to implement proper storage methods, such as the order of raw foods in a refrigerator
  • Identifying proper storage methods for equipment and utensils
  • Learn the proper procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils
  • Defining how often cleaning and sanitizing should occur
  • Learn requirements for single-use gloves
  • Learn how to identify different testing kits and thermometer requirements and their proper uses
  • Identify how to properly dispose of chemicals by following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Explain the hazards or potential foodborne illnesses related to the consumption of raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish, or eggs
  • Identifying the source of water, defining backflow, and how to prevent cross-connections
  • Learning the importance of the relationship between food safety and the use of equipment
  • Demonstrating all knowledge required to maintain a clean operation or establishment where equipment is in good repair
  • Learn to define HACCP, critical control points, and critical limits

What Responsibility Does the Person-In-Charge Have? (2)

The Person-In-Charge is the person responsible for all food service operations and processes within an establishment during a shift. This allows the individual to direct and control food preparation procedures safely and ensures they can direct other employees in the best and safest food safety practices. This includes ensuring that employees are following personal hygiene practices and preventing the spread of foodborne illness by employees who may be ill with a transmissible foodborne disease.

In the event of an inspection, the Person-In-Charge must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of food safety practices. This includes being able to explain how to prevent foodborne disease, critical control point principles, and all aspects of food safety.

In other words, the Person-In-Charge must be able to demonstrate their knowledge about every aspect of best practices for food safety and hygiene. They are the responsible party on-site during a shift, and it is their job to ensure that all employees and the facility are operating safely.

How Do I Sign Up for the Ohio Person-In-Charge Training Program?

Interested individuals sign up through the Responsible Training website. After completion, print your certificate and register it with your local health department.


Getting your Food Handlers Card and Ohio Person-In-Charge certificate has never been faster, easier, or more accessible. This training will benefit your career for years to come and lets employers know that you take your job seriously. What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about Responsible Training’s Ohio PIC Training and get started today!

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