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6+ Methods to Find Foodservice Jobs Online


6+ Methods to Find Foodservice Jobs Online

Food handlers, bartenders, and food managers alike know how cutthroat the industry can be. Even in one of our previous posts we talked about just how competitive bartending can be, both inside and outside the workplace. If you want to “stay in it to win it,” you’ll need to study and up your game regularly.

Luckily, working in the restaurant industry means constantly socializing and networking with folks in similar positions across your area. But in case that still doesn’t help, we’ve put together this guide to help get you the resources you need to get back on track with your job search.

  1. The Big 5: We know you’ve probably heard of these, which is why we bundled them into one category. These are huge websites with an equally massive database to help you quickly sort and search for the career you’re looking for. These websites will most likely be your first touch point on your job search.
  2. Local University Databases: This one might not seem as obvious but the University of Texas - Austin website has a huge database of currently open positions for food servers, food handlers, bartenders and more. And that’s just for the Austin metro area. Check your local University website for an up-to-date, accurate list of currently available jobs in your area.
  3. Snagajob: A job search website for hourly employees, this database can sort by location, job title, industry, zip code and more.
  4. Glassdoor: This website not only gives you fresh reviews from actual employees, it also shows ratings, average industry wages versus wages at the hiring company, and available positions for which you can apply for directly on the website.
  5. Facebook: Not many people know this just yet, but Facebook has been actively working on building up it’s “Jobs” capabilities in an effort to nudge the Big 5 out of the way. Facebook has a fairly robust job listing tool, and if you get even more granular by joining local Facebook groups for food handlers and managers, you’ll find a super interactive community of folks waiting for their next big hire.
  6. The National Restaurant Association Website: The National Restaurant Association is one of the largest foodservice organizations in the world. Originally founded in Kansas City in 1917, the NRA has been supporting local businesses and staffers alike for over 100 years. They, too, have a fairly robust job search tool that can help get you connected to thousands of jobs across the U.S.

These websites are just a few of the best methods to help you land your next job without having to walk door-to-door. For those of you looking to get food handler, food manager or alcohol seller/server training, look no further. With Responsible Training, you can learn, test, and do what you do best. Visit our full course catalog for more.