• History of Course Changes


Responsible Training has been teaching Food Handler courses since 2004. In 2011, we achieved an ANSI accreditation. We periodically update our course to comply with federal and state food code changes as well as to improve quality.

In September 2017, the course material was updated to match the latest food code's terminology and to make it more readable and easiery to understand. The course test questions were updated to better match course contents and to meet a passing score of 70%.


We award certificates to students who have met the documented program requisites and passed the test. We will not knowingly issue a certificate to someone who has not completed the program requirements or who has passed the certificate test by fraudulent means. If fraud is found, the certificate will be invalidated and the appropriate jurisdictions and/or partners affected will be notified, as appropriate. Other than correcting typographical errors, we will not change the certificate holder's name without legal name change documentation. We will not change the date of certification. However, you may appeal a test result you believe is incorrect or unfair.

Our training program materials are developed without race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual discriminatory biases. We will make reasonable accommodations for course accessibility for learners with disabilities. To prevent conflict of interest, we do not accept remuneration for developing the training materials.