• TABC Training (Spanish Version)


Course Description

The TABC Seller/Server Certificate ensures that you as a seller or server know about the rules governing the serving and selling of alcohol. With an average completion time of just 2 hours, this test clearly beats commuting to the classroom; saving you time and money. A TABC certification from us at SafeWay Certifications will give you all the knowledge you need to know and make it big in the restaurant and bar industry.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Course Outline Define terms used in this course
  • Describe the purpose, goals, and rules for seller-server training and certification
  • Identify the seller-server’s role in the enhancement of public safety
  • Check IDs accurately, and recognize clues for when an individual is using a fake ID
  • Use observations to detect that a minor is attempting to purchase alcohol.
  • Recognize second-party sales
  • Describe how seller-servers are responsible for the acts of their customers (Dram Shop Act).
  • Recognize intoxicated individuals
  • Define blood alcohol concentration and how it is calculated
  • List factors that affect BAC in individuals
  • Describe the effects of mixing alcohol with other drugs
  • Refuse a sale to someone with little conflict
  • Discuss the seller-server’s responsibilities and obligations under the Texas law concerned with preventing alcohol sales to minors, intoxicated persons, and non-members of a private club


Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: TABC Seller-Server Training Overview
  • Lesson 2: Minors and Alcohol Sales
  • Lesson 3: Intoxicated Persons and Alcohol Sales
  • Lesson 4: Other Permits


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