• Food Manager Training & Exam


Course Description

This bundle includes our preparatory food manager course and an ANSI-CFP accredited exam. The food manager course will give you the proper food safety training to help you prepare for the nationally accredited certification exam of the ANSI-CFP (American National Standard Institute - Conference for Food Protection). The Food Manager training course itself is 100% online so you can prepare for the exam anywhere with just a computer and Internet access.

  • Develop a better understanding of food safety, its importance, and those who enforce it.
  • Understand the types of food-borne illness and causes.
  • Preventing biological, physical, and chemical contamination of food.
  • How to properly handle Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods.
  • Recognize the importance of personal hygiene in the workplace.
  • Proper cleaning & sanitation procedures and adequate facility design.


Exam Description

PLEASE NOTE: The Certified Professional Food Manager Exam must be taken in-person, at a proctored location for all residents outside the State of Texas. Instructions for scheduling your exam date will be sent in an email following successful registration.

The Prometric Certified Professional Food Manager Exam is designed to test and assess food service employees on competencies relevant to the prevention of foodborne illness. To become a Certified Professional Food Manager, a candidate must pass a food safety examination from an accredited certification provider as recognized by ANSI-CFP. The certificate will be valid for a maximum period of 5 years. We do recommend checking with your local health department as certificates may expire sooner. Food Protection Manager Certification must be passed with a 68 percent or higher in order to receive a certificate of completion.

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