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Our online childcare course permits can be used by students to develop personal skills as a daycare specialist or as a part of continuing education for those who need to clock-in training hours for their jobs. We offer a wide variety of courses ranging from childcare worker permits for daycare specialists to online sun safety courses for parents. No matter what you choose, our courses will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make it big in the industry and help your career grow.

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Our childcare training courses have been specially created to meet your training and professional needs and are taught online, so students can take classes according to their schedule. Upon successful completion of your course and test, you will be emailed a state-approved certificate that can be printed when required. All of our courses comply with state and county regulations and laws, so all you have to do is simply select a class from our course catalog and we will take care of the rest.

Arlington Child Care

This Course is only available in city of Arlington.

CITY OF ARLINGTON, TX: As approved by the City of Arlington for their day care ordinance, our child care course was created specifically to meet the needs and requirements of this agency. Our course has been evaluated and accepted by the City of Arlington.