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Top 10 Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

DATE: 19th May, 2017

Instagram has officially entered the ranks as one of the top social media platforms in the last few years, with 700 million active daily users as of April 2017 -- according to Statista. And with so much activity happening in one corner of the internet, there was bound to be a few pop-up industries to leverage Instagram to their advantage.

One of the biggest industries represented on Instagram is food and beverage -- and for good reason. For such a visual platform, food and beverage fits the mold for an image-heavy platform perfectly.

So without further ado -- here are our top 10 food bloggers to follow on Instagram.

1. Anna Barnett Cooks (@annabarnettcooks)
London-based Anna Barnett boasts an incredible resume, having worked with the likes of MTV and Vogue. What started as a hobby soon turned to a profession, and with 14 thousand followers, Barnett will soon be releasing a book on her favorite recipes.

2. The Whole Food Diary (@thewholefooddiary)
California-based couple, Kezia and Jared, the duo behind The Whole Food Diary, have found that sharing their favorite food and recipes is the best way to connect with the ones they love. And with 51 thousand followers, they’re hoping to make their journey of connectivity a story that they can publish and share for years to come.

3. Deliciously Ella (@deliciouslyella)
After a health diagnoses that left her bedridden, Ella needed a change. Her Instagram and blog, born out of a search for healthy food and a lifestyle change, isn’t just an account of tasty eats, it’s also an account of great, healthy recipes. With more than 1.1 million Instagram followers, she now has her own brick & mortar to share healthy bites with every day.

4. Lindsay Ostrom (@PinchOfYum)
Former 4th grade teacher turned full-time blogger, Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum, is not just a crafter of great recipes, she’s also a storyteller. With 400 thousand followers, her blog is an amalgamation of bits of her life, favorite bites, small moments and big occasions.

5. Molly Tavoletti (Molly Tavoletti)
Brooklyn-based Molly Tavoletti is a crafter of vibes, a photographer, a storyteller -- and food is her main subject. Boasting over 64 thousand followers, Tavoletti now has quite the audience to share her stories with.

6. Dad Beets (@dad_beets)
A 2016 Saveur Blog Award Winner, Nick of Dad_Beets has taken the Instagram food world by storm with more than 71 thousand followers and a whole host of amazing bites.

7. Ruth Tam (@rushyama)
Toronto-based Rush Tam is a professional harpist by day, chef by night. Crafting culinary classics from her own home, she now has 13 thousand followers to share some of the best baking recipes out there.

8. Kevin Lynch (@closetcooking)
As the name implies, Kevin Lynch is on a visual journey to master the craft of cooking in his closet-sized kitchen. With limited space, watch as Lynch crafts flavorful meals in his corner of the world.

9. Ali Ebright (@gimmesomeoven)
Based in Kansas City, Ali Ebright is a natural people-person who loves to share food with those she loves. Having started the blog in 2009 as a hobby, Ebright now has more than 145 thousand Instagram followers to share her favorite recipes with.

10. Chungah Rhee (@damn_delicious)
California-based food blogger, Chungah Rhee, started her own successful blog from her kitchen. Looking for a good way to save recipes she wanted to try later, her passing hobby soon turned into a life-changing venture complete more than 100 thousand Instagram followers.