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Texas Food Handler + TABC Training
This bundle includes our ANSI-accredited Food Handler Training and TABC Seller-Server Training courses. After completing these courses you will know the laws that govern the sale of alcohol in the State of Texas, as well as the guidelines for preventing foodborne illness. We also provide our COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service training, free of charge. The bundled price includes the cost of training as well as the associated exams following each course.
Texas Food Manager + TABC Bundle
This bundle includes a TABC Seller-Server Training Course and our Texas Food Safety Manager Course. Our Food Safety Manager Course will teach you the practical skills, as well as provide you with the information that you need to know in order to manage a food establishment, while our TABC Training Course will teach you the laws regarding the sale of alcohol and how to protect yourself from legal repercussions. Our COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service Training course is also provided with this bundle, free of charge.
TABC Seller-Server Training
Our TABC-approved Seller-Server Training Course ensures that you know the laws governing the sale of alcohol in Texas. Understanding these laws will help protect if you ever encounter intoxicated or underage customers. We also include our COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service course, free of charge.
Curso de Vendedores-Servidores de TABC (TABC Seller-Server Training)
Nuestro curso de vendedor-servidor aprobado por la TABC garantiza que conozca las leyes que rigen la venta de alcohol en Texas. Comprender estas leyes lo ayudar√° a protegerlo si alguna vez se encuentra con clientes intoxicados o menores de edad.