SCORM Integration Blog

SCORM Integration Blog


Kitchen efficiency is key to running a successful restaurant from day to day. However, for long-term success, every part of the business must run smoothly with minimum manpower and overhead.

Because of our clients' demand for seamless training programs, Responsible Training has become an industry leader using SCORM for our e-learning software. SCORM is the Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model, the default training industry standard for e-learning. Using this technology to package the training course components allows them to be used on different Learning Management Systems (LMS). This means that our clients efficiently access all our courses, no matter which LMS they use.

  • Whataburger recently chose Responsible Training to integrate our SCORM eLearning system into their LMS, which allows a company of their size to train all of their employees on one central system with one program.

SCORM is a dynamic tool that allows us to package a course into one ZIP file which allows the content to be shared with the client quickly and at a significantly lower price.

The data can also be easily installed to almost all Learning Management Systems. So whatever LMS your company is currently using, the eLearning program you purchase from us will be directly uploadable for you to manage within your business’s LMS system. Then the training program will be launched in your browser where your team can take the specific Responsible Training course you purchased.

Benefits of using SCORM:

  • Simple installation
  • Courses are compliant on almost any LMS
  • If you purchase a new LMS it can be easily reinstalled
  • Reduces overall cost of installing training
  • High-quality content
  • An interactive experience for the user
  • Easy to track the status of users
  • Overview on time spent on the course
  • Highly reliable system

Some certification providers require a months-long wait to get their courses integrated with an LMS. Responsible Training is experienced getting SCORM integrated onto an LMS in a few weeks or even days, allowing our clients to begin efficiently training their staffs.

By choosing to purchase your company's food handling certifications through Responsible training you will receive the latest SCORM integration technology, allowing all of your employees to be certified faster, with less hassle, and with almost no extra costs on top of the training course.

About Responsible Training's Food Manager Courses

Food managers need to be certified in most states so they can keep up-to-date on new state regulations, provide better supervision at the establishments they work in and keep their business and the community safe. Whether you are already in the industry or a newcomer, a food manager's course is a great way to get ahead. Our food manager's course helps students learn how the industry works and, more importantly, how to manage their team.