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34 Famous Chefs to Follow on Twitter

34 Famous Chefs to Follow on Twitter

DATE: 6th July, 2017

When you decide to pursue a career as a chef, crafting menus, attending culinary classes and earning needed food handler certifications are givens. But you can go a step further to propel your career forward: social media.

With a network like Twitter, you often can interact with chefs from all over the world. These chefs have been where you are and know the hours and effort demanded by a culinary career. Follow them to learn, grow and be inspired.

  1. Alex Guarnaschelli. If you have questions about how to best prepare a cut of meat, give Guarnaschelli a try. She’s responsive and, at times, a bit opinionate.
  2. Alice Waters. Waters doesn’t maintain the most active Twitter profile, but when she does share, she shares subjects that matter. Some of her latest tweets publicize a healthy foods pilot at two California schools.
  3. Alton Brown. Brown refers to himself as the “Thyme Lord,” which should earn him an automatic follow.
  4. Amanda Frietag. Frietag offers fantastic recipes and a fun perspective on New York life. Give this New Yorker some consideration when building your Twitter #chefs list.
  5. Andrew Zimmern. Zimmern’s known for “bizarre foods,” but his Twitter feed contains plenty of normal, tasty treats.
  6. Anthony Bourdain. If you want to know the person behind the chef, follow Bourdain’s Twitter account. He occasionally shares information about food, but he generally discloses whatever’s currently on his mind.
  7. Antonio Carluccio. For those seeking to improve their Italian culinary skills, follow Carluccio. He has years of wisdom and experience in Italian gastronomy.
  8. Bobby Chinn. Chinn enhances the Twitter experience by exploring food sustainability from an ecological and environmental perspective.
  9. Bobby Flay. Follow Flay to learn about rising chefs or to find out who won on the latest episode of “Beat Bobby Flay.”
  10. Cat Cora. The first female Iron Chef, Cora tweets about food, family and philanthropic efforts. She also has a great sense of humor, so definitely give her account a look.
  11. CJ Henry. Henry advocates for fresh ingredients and solving hunger. Follow him for ways to use your cooking skills locally, nationally or globally.
  12. Curtis Stone. Stone keeps no secrets. Follow him to learn his tricks of the trade and to accompany him on his road trips.
  13. David Lebovitz. You’ll love French chef Lebovitz for his winsome personality and willingness to engage with everyone who tweets with him.
  14. Diane Henderiks. Henderiks combines her background as a chef and culinary nutritionist to provide healthy recipes and food tips.
  15. Emeril Lagasse. Emeril treats Twitter like it’s Instagram. Follow him to fill your feed with photos of amazing food and links to award-winning recipes.
  16. Eric Ripert. Stay up to date with Ripert’s kitchen and dishes by following his Blue by Eric Ripert account.
  17. Fabio Viviani. If headed into a long day at the restaurant, give yourself a pep talk with Viviani’s cheerful tweets.
  18. Giada De Laurentiis. De Laurentiis exudes a love for beautiful food and her family—both the human and furry varieties. She also shares mouth-watering recipes that could inspire your next menu.
  19. Gordon Ramsay. You know Ramsay from his television shows, but get to know him on Twitter. Turns out he’s a fairly decent chap.
  20. Jamie and Bobbie Deen. If you think you could never work with a sibling, banish the thought. Jamie and Bobbie are brothers who have been cooking — and grilling — together for years.
  21. Jamie Oliver. Oliver uses short videos to enliven his Twitter feed. Follow him for laughs and ingenious recipes.
  22. Ludo Lefebvre. Lefebvre gives an inside look to NYC life, as well as introduces contemporaries and up-and-coming chefs.
  23. Marcus Samuelsson. Samuelsson’s vibrant personality is almost as delectable as the recipes he shares.
  24. Mario Batali. Batali’s another chef who will answer your questions about topics ranging from Bolognese ingredients to must-visit restaurants.
  25. Michael Symon. Symon’s another good egg—literally. His latest tweet concerns making a cheeseburger omelette.
  26. Ming Tsai. Tsai’s another fun Twitter account. Follow him to learn about his latest creations and #foodcrushFriday.
  27. Rene Redzepi. Based in Copenhagen, Redzepi’s Twitter feed offers a global outlook on food. His tweets could teach you a thing or two about foraging for food, too.
  28. Rick Bayless. Bayless claims fame for his authentic Mexican fare. Follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to and to pose a question or two.
  29. Stephanie Izard. To keep up with the food scene in Chicago, follow Izard and her goats.
  30. Susan Feniger. Feniger raises awareness not only about her latest menu offerings but also illnesses like scleroderma.
  31. Todd English. If your Twitter feed needs more imagery, follow English for photos of decadent entrees and desserts.
  32. Tom Colicchio. Colicchio is a force to be reckoned with. If you follow him, prepare yourself for political commentary and efforts to end hunger.
  33. Tyler Florence. For vary your Twitter diet, follow Florence. He shares his podcast, “Wolf It Down,” on Twitter, alongside tweets about soccer and food.
  34. Wolfgang Puck. Puck will keep you informed about food trends, crowd-pleasing recipes and pop-up locations.

Who are your favorite chefs? Give us a follow and let us know on Twitter.